non pressure-compact solar water heater

All glass vacuum tube non pressure compact solar water heaters rely on the natural circulation of water between glass tubes and the tank. As water in the vacuum tubes is heated and rises naturally into the tank, while cold water in the tank flows down to the bottom of the vacuum tubes, causing circulation […]

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FAQ About Solar Water Heating

1. Is solar water heating a viable alternative to gas or electricity?

Solar should not be seen as a alternative to gas or electricity, but rather a supplement. Solar cannot totally replace the need for gas or electric heating as there are sometimes days when there is little sunlight. When averaged over a year, a […]

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Solar Heating Collector

All glass evacuated tube Heat Pipe solar collectors
Heat pipe solar collector Description:
The new evacuated heat-pipe tube is a revolutionary breakthrough in solar thermal technology as well as the symbol of a great leap in solar thermal utilization field after mankind’s continuous researches year after year. The tube has the following advantages:

1. Heat-pipe conduction, no […]

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