Solar Heating Collector

All glass evacuated tube Heat Pipe solar collectors

Heat pipe Description:
The new evacuated heat-pipe tube is a revolutionary breakthrough in solar thermal technology as well as the symbol of a great leap in solar thermal utilization field after mankind’s continuous researches year after year. The tube has the following advantages:

1. Heat-pipe conduction, no water inside, […]

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Solar Hot Water System


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Solar Water Heater collecting heat project’s characters
More Suitable
Choose suitable collector heaters according to different latitude.
Adequate for Most Occasions
From a family to a factory, from tens, hundreds to thousands, you may choose our products. It is widely used in a hotel, school, army or factory.
More Automatic
Automatic supplying water, electric heat, recycling and […]

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Solar Water Heating

How many kinds of solar water heaters there are?

1. The first era is sealed and solarized heater. This is a whole heater combining gathering heat and accumulating heat into one, which is generally made up with two to there round tubes painted black. The blank coating absorbs heat to heat the water. The advantages: […]

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