Green Energy

Solar Water Heating

How many kinds of solar water heaters there are?

1. The first era is sealed and solarized heater. This is a whole heater combining gathering heat and accumulating heat into one, which is generally made up with two to there round tubes painted black. The blank coating absorbs heat to heat the water. The advantages: […]

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Solar Power

Solar Power
We have grid -tied solar power system and simple small solar power kits for house use.


EASY & SIMPLE solar power kit

Easy & Simple as a kind of philosophy plays a more and more important role to the solar PV industry.

Simplify complex issues, create products easy and simple for customers.

the off-grid solar PV […]

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Solar Vacuum Glass Tube

Three-target solar vacuum glass tube
– Key component of solar collector and solar water heater

– Coating material: Al-N/Al or SS-Al/N/Cu.

Evacuated tubes are the absorber of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy converting it into heat for use in water heating. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes made from extremely strong borosilicate […]

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