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evacuated tube solar collector

What are the Types of Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Vacuum tube solar collector are divided into two main categories. These are Direct-flow evacuated  tube collectors and  Heat pipe evacuated tube collectors.

Which one should I choose?

Evacuated tube solar collector

-Direct-flow evacuated tube

A direct-flow evacuated tube collector has two pipes which run at the back and inside the tube.

One pipe is for inlet and the other pipe is four outlet fluid. The fluid runs in a closed loop.

The main problem with this solar heat collector is delicate. When a tube breaks, it cannot be easily replaced.

-Heat pipe evacuated vacuum tube collector

This is the most common type of evacuated tube solar collector. It comprises of a copper heat pipe which is directly attached to the absorber plate of a vacuum tube.

The heat pipe is also hollow and the space inside is vacuum, just like the collector tube. This vacuum has catalysts such as alcohol which enable the water to boil at  lower temperatures that required.

Other types of vacuum tube solar collector include;

-U-type evacuated vacuum tube solar collector

-Water-in glass evacuated vacuum tube solar collector

Wondering which is the type of vacuum tube collector? Find the experts for help. You will be given all the relevant advice on choosing the best evacuated tube solar collectors for sale.

What are the disadvantages of Evacuated Vacuum Tube solar Collector

solar glass tube collector

Even though evacuated tube solar collectors may appear to be perfect, they also have some disadvantages.

The major issue with this water heaters is the price. They are quite expensive solar water heating systems.

For this reason, they are usually used in the commercial areas where you are likely to get some good returns for your investment.

However, you can still find affordable evacuated tube collectors that will perfectly fit your price range.

Evacuated Tubes vs Flat Plate Collectors: Which One Should I Choose?

The two main types of solar water heating systems are the evacuated vacuum tube solar collector and the flat panel collectors.

What is the difference between these two water heating systems? Which one should I choose between the two?

In glance,a flat plate collector comprises of a solar absorber panel and copper pipes  through which the hot water will flow through. It also features  and insulation mechanism that prevents the heat loss.

Here are the key areas of difference between evacuated tube collector and flat plate collector:

-The cost of solar heater

There is a difference in the cost of these two solar hot water systems. Generally, evacuated tube solar collectors are expensive than the flat plate panels.

The cost of evacuated tube solar collectors can be more than 20% to 40% than the cost of the flat plate solar car collector.

This is highly expected given the efficiency of the vacuum tube systems. The secret in this lies in finding the right solar water heater manufacturers.

– Which is a better in performance

Evacuated tubes are better performers in  cold and cloudy conditions than the flat plate collectors. This is because they absorb the maximum radiation while at the same are capable of preventing any loss of heat.

Even during hot days, evacuated tubes are still capable of outdoing the flat plate collectors.

-Which one is easy to install? Evacuated vs flat plate

Vacuum tube solar collector are generally less sensitive to the direction of the sun. They can absorb maximum radiation regardless of the position of the sunlight.

On the other hand, flat plate collectors are very sensitive to the position of the sun. They need to be installed at the right position where they can tap maximum sun rays.

In this comparison, it is clear that evacuated tubes are easier to install than the flat plate.


Now that you have the right information about vacuum solar water tube, what next? You can now buy these reliable  solar water heaters without any worries.

Find the best evacuated vacuum tube solar collector manufacturers  in China then choose the one that is likely to meet your requirements.



Evacuated tube solar collector available in 15 to 50 tube sizes and have a number of options depending on the local market requirements.
Collector TypeVerticalVerticalVerticalHorizontalHorizontal
Peak Output *1019W1339W2021W2678W3342W
Aperture Area
1.41 m2
1.88 m22.82 m23.76 m24.70 m2
Gross Area2.40 m23.17 m24.80 m26.34 m27.86 m2

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Main Component Specifications
Materials & Specifications
Evacuated Tubes
Material: Borosilicate 3.3
Tube style: Twin wall all glass
Dimensions: ∅58mm outer tube; ∅47mm inner tube;  1.8m length, 1.65mm outer tube wall thickness
Solar Absorber Coating
Material: Graded AL/N on AL
Absorptance: >92% (AM1.5);
Emittance: <8% (80 C)
Vacuum: P<5×10-5 Pa;
Heat loss: <0.8W/(m2 C)
Outer Shell: Color Painted steel (standard) or Stainless Steel (optional) , 0.5mm thickness
Inner Shell: Stainless Steel 304-2B (standard) or 316L (optional) , 0.5mm thickness
Insulation Layer: Extreme High density Polyurethane Foam from Europe
Operating angle: 15-80 Degrees
Startup temperature: 0 C Degrees
Rubber Components
Material: HTV Silicone Rubber (UV stabilized)
Mounting Frame
Material: Zinc-Coated Galvanized Steel (standard) or Aluminum ally (optional)  or Stainless Steel (optional)
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