solar pool heating system

solar pool heating system

A comfortably heated pool allows you and your family to enjoy your  pool all year round, regardless the outdoor temperature.

That’s why so many people are now looking to extend their swim season and make their family pool even more enjoyable by investing in pool heating.

With our solar pool heating system, we can heat the big commercial swimming pool for hotel and the small family pool and spa.

solar pool heating system

HOW does a solar pool heating system WORK


The commercial solar pool heating system is comprised of five main parts:

Solar Hot Water Collectors

Generally our heat pipe pressurized solar collector or our non-pressure solar collector are used in absorbing solar energy directly to heat water for swimming pools.

Circulation Water Pump

The solar pool system uses a circulation pump to pump the cold water from the pool to the solar collectors, be heated , then back to the pool.

Solar Controller

A controller helps in monitoring and controlling the water temperature and system working.

Back up Energy Source (Optional)

During winter months and cloudy days, when sunlight isn’t abundant, this system uses a back up energy source, typically electric or gas boosters, to achieve optimum heating in a cost-effective and energy efficient manner.

Water Tanks (Optional)

For varied applications, some customers need the water storage tank(with coils) to do the heat exchanging between the solar collectors and the pool. Instead of circulating the water directly between the solar collector to the pool.

It is always possible to get the best from your solar water heater, both all glass tube evacuated solar collector and flat plate solar collector. especially after you have discovered a decline in performance.

Even after buying the best solar water heater in China, do not neglect it. Give it the proper care and it will deliver the best results.

For the technical tips, consider hiring solar water heater experts.

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Suneco not only offer the residential solar pool heating system, but also works for large commercial pool heating systems. Including the public swimming pools,  hotel inside and outside swimming pools, and even professional pools for international swimming events.
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BENEFITS of solar pool heating system
● Swim Longer
Suneco solar pool heating system will increase the value you get from your swimming pool by at least double the amount of days the family can swim and guaranteeing a lifetime of family fun and entertainment.
● Save Energy
Swimming pools can be one of the highest consumers of energy in your home when utilizing forms of heating such as gas heaters or heat pumps. Choosing these alternative heating systems is considered ecologically irresponsible when solar pool heating is available.
● Save Money
The increasing cost of burning fossil fuels to warm your pool is completely eliminated when choosing to use solar heating. The choice of gas or electric as a fuel source should be as a last resort when you can use the sun’s energy for free.
● Low Maintenance
Suneco solar pool heating system has a proven track record with over 15 years of innovative design improvements and installations. We know that our extraordinary product design ensures the very minimum in ongoing maintenance. By eliminating or reducing the need for gas or electric heating your solar system will pay for itself well and truly over its lifetime
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