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solar thermal collector

How Hot can an Evacuated Tube solar thermal Collector get?

As simple as they look, evacuated tube solar thermal collectors can become very hot. Evacuated tube solar thermal collector maximum temperature can be  as high as 300°C. Even at such high temperatures, the outside of the tube can still be cool to touch.

It is also critical to note that an evacuated tube collector can still be very hot even when the temperatures outside are low. They will continue working as long as there  is radiation from the sun.

The ability to heat water regardless of the environmental temperature is the reason why they are  the perfect hot water systems for cold or winter days.

Unlike the photovoltaic solar panels, these one do not rely on the direct exposure to sunlight.

The good thing is that even with the maximum absorption heat, evacuated tubes are less likely to undergo any physical and structural damage.

 Advantages of Evacuated Tube solar Thermal Collectors Hot Water System

Here is a list of the benefits of vacuum tube solar thermal collector for hot water systems;

1.      Maximum efficiency

These  hot water systems are very efficient in the way that they operate. First, they ensure that there is maximum absorption of solar radiation from the sun. It is estimated that the vacuum collectors  can absorb and utilize up to 92% of solar energy.

The heat transfer to the copper heat pipes is also smooth whereby there is a minimal wastage of heat.

2.      Improved ability to capture sunlight

The cylindrical design of the evacuated tubes improves their ability to capture   as maximum sunlight as possible.

This is possible because they tend to have a maximum exposure to the sunlight.

The tubes are able to absorb the solar energy regardless of the position of the sunlight.

3.      Evacuated tubes are durable

Are you looking for a durable solar hot water system for domestic and industrial use? Then you should consider buying solar vacuum tubes for sale.

Various aspects of design and construction of the evacuated tube collectors ensure that they can last for long.

For instance most components of the evacuated tube collectors are made of strong materials that cannot corrode or break.

However, you can only be  assure of durability if you buy from the best evacuated tube collector manufacturers in China.

Also, in case of any damage, you can easily replace the parts of these solar collectors for sale.

4.      Minimal damage on the roof

Evacuated solar collectors  have aluminum frames which will eventually rest on the roof. This means  that they will not have any negative impact on the shingles.

This is contrary to the flat solar plates which lied directly on the roof. In doing so, the minimize circulation of air beneath them hence damaging the shingles.

In the long run, you may end up replacing the roof.

5.      Evacuated tubes require less space

The solar vacuum tube btu is known to be high as compared to the surface area that it occupies. In fact, high efficiency solar collectors are known for generating more than 2000 btu/hr of heat energy per square meter in a single day.

This means that you  will be getting more energy from a small surface area. Also, mounting this solar water heater won’t degrade the aesthetic value of your roof since only a small portion of the roof will be occupied.

6.      All-round performance

Evacuated tube collectors are known for  working all-year round. It can still work even with the minimal exposure to the sunlight.

This is why evacuated solar water heaters are preferred in the cold regions and during winter when there is minimal sunlight.

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Main Component Specifications
Materials & Specifications
Evacuated Tubes
Material: Borosilicate 3.3
Tube style: Twin wall all glass
Dimensions: ∅58mm outer tube; ∅47mm inner tube;  1.8m length, 1.65mm outer tube wall thickness
Solar Absorber Coating
Material: Graded AL/N on AL
Absorptance: >92% (AM1.5);
Emittance: <8% (80 C)
Vacuum: P<5×10-5 Pa;
Heat loss: <0.8W/(m2 C)
Outer Shell: Color Painted steel (standard) or Stainless Steel (optional) , 0.5mm thickness
Inner Shell: Stainless Steel 304-2B (standard) or 316L (optional) , 0.5mm thickness
Insulation Layer: Extreme High density Polyurethane Foam from Europe
Operating angle: 15-80 Degrees
Startup temperature: 0 C Degrees
Rubber Components
Material: HTV Silicone Rubber (UV stabilized)
Mounting Frame
Material: Zinc-Coated Galvanized Steel (standard) or Aluminum ally (optional)  or Stainless Steel (optional)
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