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Solar water heating has proven to be an ultimate solution to many people in France. Most people have resorted to buying the best solar water heaters. These heating systems are being used for both domestic and commercial purposes in France.

To cater with the demand of the heaters, a number of solar water heater manufacturers have established their roots in France. This is in addition to the suppliers of the same water heating systems.

Here is a list of the top solar water heater manufacturers and suppliers in France.


1. Savoir-faire – Syrius Solar Industry

15 rue du Perpignan – ZAC Descartes, 34880 Lavérune, France

Syrius Solar Industry designs and produces solar water heaters through 4 production sites, based in France, Reunion Island, New Caledonia and Martinique. We use quality materials and state-of-the-art solar heating technology.

2. Solar Diffusion

103 Avenue des Chasséens- ZI AVON, 13120 Gardanne, France

Distributor, agent, grossist for renewable energy systems: thermal solar, photovoltaic, pellet stove, wood stove, air conditionning. . . Distributor, agent, wholesaler, we are also a ‘mail order’ business. Our site explains, describes, forms, offers solutions and explains the prices. Our suppliers are long-standing partners, our products are of quality and when possible close to them.

3. Sun Ray

9 rue Isaac Newton, Nouméa, New Caledonia France 98846

Manufacturer, supplier and installer of world leading solar hot water systems. At Sun Ray, we understand your concerns as we have been in the solar water heating business for more than 33 years. Our aim is to provide you with a solar water heater that is efficient and will last for a long time.

Our entire product is French made since our headquarters and plant are based in Nouméa, New Caledonia (France). The efficiency and reliability of Sun Ray’s  solar water heaters have been validated and approved by independent testing labs. Moreover, every tank and every panel is tested before leaving the factory which is why we offer a guarantee for quality with a standard 10 year warranty on all tanks and panels.

4. Charot

12 Avenue Guy Bouriat, 72530 Yvré-l’Évêque, France

solar water heater performance

Since 1932, CHAROT has been designing, producing and trading in France and abroad. We are one of the French leaders in the field of coated steel or stainless steel hot-water production tanks, renewable energies and storage tanks for any liquid. Our catalogue aimed at the collective, services, industrial and domestic sectors lists electric hot-water tanks, gas tanks, solar tanks, thermodynamic hot-water heaters, electric loop heaters, pasteurizing unit, plate exchangers, by-pass exchangers, solar exchangers, electric boilers, wood-fired boilers, electric and gas immersion heaters, DHW heaters, semi-instant hot water heaters, magnetic filters, pressure holding units, universal pack control3 regulator, control and power electrical cabinet, blending bottle, buffer tank, fuel tanks, fire-fighting tanks, liquid fertilizer tanks, etc.


225 Rue Mouloudji, 34000 Montpellier, France

The company NG PLOMBERIE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Plumbing – works industry. It also operates in the  solar water heaters bathrooms remodelled and  pipes cleared

We have a wide range of solar water heaters and you can choose depending on your heating needs.industries. It is based in Montpellier, France .

6. Thermor

17 Rue de la Croix Fauchet, 45140 Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle, France

The company THERMOR, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Radiators and convectors, industrial industry. It also operates in the electric radiators , solar water heaters and electric water heater industries. It is based in St Jean De La Ruelle, France .


180 Rue du Genevois, 73000 Chambéry, France

The company AZIMUT SOLAIRE, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Heating, domestic – installations and equipment industry. It also operates in the and Solar water heater – Stainless tanks industries. It is based in Chambéry, France .


158 Rue du Mas de Bringaud, 34000 Montpellier, France

vacuum tube solar collector

The company EPP ET CIE SARL, founded in 1947 , which operates in the Domestic appliances – small industry. It also operates in the Water – production and distribution and Water-heaters, domestic solar water heaters and commercial solar water heating solutions.


2 Rue du Dr Marcel Hurst, 68300 Saint-Louis, France

The company COMPAGNIE INDUSTRIELLE DES CHAUFFES EAUX – CICE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 1993 , which operates in the Domestic appliances – small industry. It also operates in the and Water-heaters, domestic industries. It is based in St Louis, France .

10. iG Soltherm

180 Rue du Genevois, 73000 Chambéry, France

iG Soltherm is a French company specialized in manufacturing solar water heaters.Our structure, due to its location, enjoys a favorable industrial environment.

At the heart of the solar energy industry for several years, we are able to make your solar water heaters according to your plans and specifications.

iG Soltherm makes individual or collective systems of hot water from solarWe provide only the importers, wholesalers and professionals in the renewable energy sector (no individuals)iG Soltherm innovates and develops a very comprehensive product that covers all the needs associated with the hot water for a homecommunity or company.