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Solar water heating has proven to be an ultimate solution to many people in  Saudi Arabia. Most people have resorted to buying the best solar water heaters. These heating systems are being used for both domestic and commercial purposes in  Saudi Arabia.

To cater with the demand of the heaters, a number of solar water heater manufacturers have established their roots in Saudi Arabia. This is in addition to the suppliers of the same water heating systems.

Here is a list of the top solar water heater manufacturers and suppliers in  Saudi Arabia;


1. Vista Eco Solutions

Obbeikan Liberary, 3rd Fl. King Fahed Road, P. O. Box 64265, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 11536

Vista Eco Solutions offers energy efficient and water management solutions through various quality solar and wind products to residential and commercial customers. Vista Eco Solutions provides the latest technologies in solar thermal water heating, water desalination and treatment, solar photovoltaic energy systems for rooftops, solar parks and street lighting. Vista Eco Solutions is the authorized distributor in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman of Austrian Gasokol GmbH and Energetica Energietechnik GmbH, Italian Sile S. p. A and CMG Solari and German Mage Water Management GmbH . We provide the state-of-the-art solar and wind products and highest quality of full service turnkey projects including; planning, design, installation.

2. Business Engineering Corp.

PO Box 6645, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11452

Business Engineering Corp. supplies Photovoltaic solutions (solar energy) and Solar power plants in Saudi Arabia. The technology of the PV modules (solar panels) that we use are carefully chosen in order to provide the highest efficiency in extreme temperatures. We are developing photovoltaic production plants in order to fulfill the increasing demand of KSA. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request on our scope of work.

3. EGPHIL Solar Solutions

Makkah province Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia PO BOX 4485 Jeddah 21491

EGPHIL is one of the most professional solar solution provider for the Middle-Easter population with services including custom site planning, proper installations to maximize performance and savings, inspection of system by experienced engineer after installations, and finally we are always available to answer question and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

4. Kevin Power Solutions Ltd.

+91-124-4039620 Saudi Arabia

Kevin Power Solutions Ltd. is an initiative of a few pioneers in the field of power backup solutions in India. Within a short span, M/s Kevin Power Solutions Ltd have consolidated their operations very well and are a name of reckon with in the field of inverter & UPS, DC Power Supplies etc. We have dedicated R&D center and three manufacturing units located at Roorkee. M/s Kevin Power Solutions Ltd. has great future, especially in view of their unique R&D strength in the field of power electronics. At Kevin Power Solutions Ltd. we have been developing Unique Range of  solar water heating Products since more that 5 years and likely to offer many innovative and state of the art solutions in near future.

5. Qeraton Arabia

 King Abdulllah Bin Abdul Aziz St. , Khobar, Eastern Region Saudi Arabia 32654

Qeraton Arabia offers specialized and niche services that address energy management, infrared thermography, power system studies and renewable energy services. We offer a unique methodology and approach to help lower energy costs, upgrade the facility and protect the environment. Qeraton Arabia is leading the way in the integrated use of infrared imaging technology within both building condition assessments and energy audit assessment methodology. Qeraton Arabia also provide professional services in the field of power system studies including arc flash hazard analysis, harmonics studies, short circuit analysis, capacitor bank switching study, protection coordination study, transient switching study etc. We have a variety of renewable energy including solar water heaters.

6. A1 Solar Prince (GET)

PO Box 6934, Dammam 31452, Saudi Arabia

Like you, the A1 Team wants great customer service offering the best product at the lowest price. Since these things are sometimes hard to find individually in a company, let alone collectively, we decided to create a one that did.

7. Alafaq for Solar Equipment

1 Saba Masajid Street, Madina, Madina Saudi Arabia

We deal in supply and installation of Seven Star Solar water heaters; one of the most popular and trusted solar brands in the world; reknown for its efficiency, durability and modern design. We have a complete line of pressurized and non pressurized solar water heaters available in a variety of capacities to suit your needs. We offer the best solar water heater prices in Saudi Arabia.


8. AFiFi Solar

King Khaled Street, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 31952, Saudi Arabia

AFIFI Group was founded in 1982 by Eng Ali Salim, it all started when he launched the first company AFIFI AIR CONDITIONING which is a leading HVAC EPC contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian. A decade later in 1992 AFIFI Metal Works (ASMETAL) was founded as a leading decorative metal works factory and contractor. Competing with the best in the field through a well-established factory and highly trained staff. Last but not least, in June, 2017 AFIFI SOLAR was launched to provide reliable and green power generation and water temperature control solutions to Saudi Arabia market. This includes the best solar water heaters

9. SAS Solar Company

عثمان ابن عفان، An Narjis, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia

SAS (SAUDI AMERICAN SOLAR) is a full service provider with everything you need to power factories, malls, schools, houses, etc. with clean energy from the Sun.
Our experience in engineering and installing high quality solar power systems for homes, offices and our uncompromising service have made us an industry leader in Saudi Arabia.

10. National Solar Systems

Dammam 2nd Industrial City, Dammam 34334, Saudi Arabia

NSS Factory was inaugurated in 2012 at Dammam 2nd Industrial City to support the operations of the company and to enable the production of high quality systems and specialized components. The capabilities of our manufacturing facility include Metal processing, Fiberglass production, Electrical, Electronics and LED assembly lines.

NSSF produces industrial-grade solar systems, solar-powered cathodic protection systems, solar lighting products, industrial-grade stainless steel and fiberglass enclosures and junction boxes.