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Solar water heating has proven to be an ultimate solution to many people in  Colombia. Most people have resorted to buying the best solar water heaters. These heating systems are being used for both domestic and commercial purposes in  Colombia.

To cater with the demand of the heaters, a number of solar water heater manufacturers have established their roots in Colombia. This is in addition to the suppliers of the same water heating systems.

Here is a list of the top solar water heater manufacturers and suppliers in  Colombia.


1. Colombia Solar

Calle 94#43-60, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombiasolar water heater cost


COLOMBIA SOLAR CISAS . It is projected for the year 2025 to be one of the largest companies in Colombia dedicated to the development of clean energy projects, thus betting on the energy transition and the inclusion of other energy sources that allow us to care for and preserve our natural resources, thus guaranteeing our clients and investors total commitment to the planet.

2. Colombia Solar Energy

Cl. 2b #75D – 49, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Welcome to Energía Solar Colombia we are a company committed to the environment and renewable energies.

One way in which we achieve this goal is by supplying the best solar water heating systems.

3. Energía Fuera de Red – Paneles Solares Colombia

Calle 4 # 12-216, Puerto Colombia, Atlántico, Colombia

Energia Fuerra Red is one of the oldest and leading solar water heating companies in Colombia. With more than 10 years experience, the company has immersed great technology and knowledge in the supply and installation of solar PV lighting systems, solar water heaters, power back up systems and solar water pumping solutions.

4. Colombian Solar Systems SAS

Cra 31 No 15/87 CDV Barrio, San Luis, Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

Colombian Solar Systems prides itself in providing personalized services tailored to meet the requirements of the region. The company invests a lot in testing new products and technologies to be able to determine which product will prove most effective and resourceful. Besides solar hot water systems, the company also deals with wind generators.

5. OSI Colombia Energía Solar

Ac. 100 ###14 – 83 of 107, Bogotá, Colombia

  • Since 1979 our goal has been to offer solutions that are up to date with current technology and that satisfy the demands of our customers.
  • We have a direct presence throughout Central America, Colombia and Mexico.
  • Certified in early 2013 as the only company capable of selling and installing BOSCH solar panels in the Latin American region.

6. Erco Energía – Energía solar en Colombia

Cra. 49 ##61 sur 540, Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia


We are your ideal supplier for the operation and maintenance of all your DER’S projects.

If you are in the need of solar water heaters, call us for a comprehensive consultation.

On a Large Scale, Business and Home.

7. Suncolombia

Cl. 127b Bis ##49-48, Bogotá, Colombia

Suncolombia specializes in sourcing for the best products as well as offer professional advice on their products. The company is emerging as a new leader in the renewable energy sector as it focuses on providing energy solutions that address the current energy challenges such as cost.

8. Copérnico S.A.S Energía Solar en Colombia

Carrera 59, Cl 27B #357 #, Bello, Antioquia, Colombia

We aim to create a sustainable future by providing innovative and appropriate solar PV solutions that adequately meets the needs of the client. It has worked with schools, community centers as well as private and public institutions.

9. Insolar Colombia

Cl. 38 ## 55 a – 95, Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia

The organization has years of experience in the solar heating and solar energy fields with efforts being geared towards customer satisfaction. Their products come with warranty and they offer after sales services which includes repair and maintenance.

10. Sol Energy S.P. Productos de energia solar en colombia

Cra. 10 ##7 36, Puerto Gaitán, Meta, Colombia

Innovating with solar energy in Colombia, we are national distributors throughout Colombia , with more than 12 years of experience.

Among our product line are the solar water heating systems

Acquire with Sol Energy Sp your best solar equipment.