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Solar water heating has proven to be an ultimate solution to many people in Italy. Most people have resorted to buying the best solar water heaters. These heating systems are being used for both domestic and commercial purposes in Italy.

To cater with the demand of the heaters, a number of solar water heater manufacturers have established their roots in Italy. This is in addition to the suppliers of the same water heating systems.

Here is a list of the top solar water heater manufacturers and suppliers in Italy.


1. Pleion

Venezia, 11 – 37053 Cerea
VERONA – Italy
C.F., P.I. e R.I. di VR 03820120230
R.E.A. 368332

We are the reference point of the Italian Solar Thermal for experience, manufacturing strength and ability to innovate, with a range of panels and solar collectors truly complete, a service of excellence and a widespread presence throughout Italy.

2. Sile

int. 20/a, Via Sile, 24, 31033 Castelfranco Veneto TV, Italy

Sile S.p.A. Thermoidraulic Appliances Industry was founded as long ago as 1945 in the Via Garbizza workshop in Treviso thanks to the intuition of Primo Secco, father of the current President of the Company, Sergio.

Sile was founder of the Associazione Industriali in Treviso. A plaque bears witness to this event which marked the beginning of growth in post-war North East Italy.

The Company has contributed to the birth and development of the concept of heating in Italy and has always managed to read the social and market requirements, supplying continuous innovations and state of the art products.


Via Alessandro Volta, 54, 30020 Noventa di Piave VE, Italy

We are manufacturers of high quality photovoltaic modules and alternative energy systems. We offer a complete range of products and integrated engineering solutions for the production of electricity, home heating and hot water, air conditioning and home automation. We have developed an innovative engineering solution creating the first photovoltaic system completely DIY (do it yourself).

This solar water heating system reduces electricity costs, does not require any administrative authorization and you can plug it directly in your home. Within the range of our solutions there are: photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic tiles, thermodynamic solar systems, alternative current photovoltaic modules, monitoring systems, solar thermal systems, water heater heat pumps, solar thermal systems, etc.

4. Solcrafte

34074 Monfalcone, Province of Gorizia, Italy

Solcrafte® is the first all in one compact solar water heater – water is heated and stored directly in the solar collector. The optional heating rod only heats 33lt and not a full tank, which is way more economic.

The energy situation worldwide is characterised by limited natural gas and crude oil reserves, but by increasing consumption. Moreover, additional Co2 emissions are heating up our atmosphere, resulting in alarming climate change. This enforces a more responsible energy-handling policy.

5. Dav Coil

Via dell’Artigianato, 11, 37029 San Pietro In Cariano VR, Italy


Dav Coil, based in San Pietro in Cariano in the province of Verona, where it was founded in 1969, specialises in the production of reliable top quality heat exchangers. Constant investment in research and the use of ground-breaking technologies have made Dav Coil a leader in the production of heat exchangers (finned tube, packed lamellar), heat recovery units (economisers, condensers, pre-heaters, superheaters), finned tubes, coaxial heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers.

6. C.E.R.V. S.R.L

Via dei Fiori, 6, 36040 Meledo VI, Italy

C.E.R.V. srl Automatic Welding Systems designs and creates bespoke lines and special machines specifically designed to optimise your production process. It provides modular and scalable industrial solutions to reduce production costs, implement automated production processes, reduce waste and increase productivity. It offers a complete set of equipment and industrial services with the latest technology and highest safety standards. They include complete solar water heaters.


C.so Milano, 177, 37138 Verona VR, Italy

The company THERMEX COMPANY S.P.A., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Water-heaters, domestic industry. It also operates in the electric water heater and household ovens.


Via Po 11 (Ufficio), Via Tevere 3 (Magazzino, 53036 Poggibonsi SI, Italy

The company BANDINI SCALDABAGNI S.R.L., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 1957 , which operates in the Water-heaters, domestic industry. It also operates in the electric water heater and gas water heaters. In the recent years, the company has been supplying solar water heaters in Italy.

For over 50 years Bandini Scaldabagni has been on the national and international market as an independent manufacturer in the sector of electric water heaters, with a production cycle entirely carried out in our factories in Italy.


Via Simone Martini, 7, 50142 Firenze FI, Italy

Idropi is considered one of the most important players in the field of the water heating systems. Established in 1962, IDROPI SPA started the production with the electric water heaters, extending the range with the gas model and creating a range of the most demanded boilers for solar systems responding to an ever growing demand of the alternative energy market. .

The head office and factory are located in S. Giovanni Lupatoto, in the southern industrial area of Verona.

The factory covers more than 30.000 square meters with a covered surface of 20.000 square meters. The manufacturing cycle is carried out almost entirely inside IDROPI SPA facilities.

More than 180.000 units manufactured every year with capacity ranging from 10 to 1500 litres in more than 100 models. The production concentrates on high quality glass lining technology as the standard protection against corrosion.

10. Burda Italy

Via Pistoiese, 154, 50145 Firenze FI, Italy

The company BURDA ITALY, is a Distributor, founded in 2007 , which operates in the Water-heaters, domestic industry. It also operates in the and infrared heaters