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Solar water heating has proven to be an ultimate solution to many people in  Norway. Most people have resorted to buying the best solar water heaters. These heating systems are being used for both domestic and commercial purposes in  Norway.

To cater with the demand of the heaters, a number of solar water heater manufacturers have established their roots in Norway. This is in addition to the suppliers of the same water heating systems.

Here is a list of the top solar water heater manufacturers and suppliers in  Norway.


1. REC Solar Norway AS

Fiskåveien 100, 4675 Kristiansand, Norway

Elkem is one of the world’s leading suppliers of silar water heaters with operations throughout  the solar heater collectors, panels among other related products.

2. EAM Solar AS

Dronningen 1, 0287 Oslo, Norway

EAM Solar is an investment Company that acquires and operates solar power plants for long-term ownership.

The Company’s objective is to generate value through acquiring, operating and managing solar power plants according to best practice operational performance and risk management.

EAM Solar acquires solar power plants that are already in operation. The Company may negotiate to acquire projects under planning and/or construction subject to financial close after commencement of commercial operations of the power plant.

EAM Solar is a pure investment Company without employees. Energeia AS conducts the daily management of the Company as well as developing the Company’s long-term strategy.

3. Ocean Sun

Widerøeveien 5, 1360 Fornebu, Norway

Ocean Sun revolutionizes floating solar power production with our efficient, low-cost, and robust solution. The technology is based on modified silicon solar PV modules attached to a thin, flexible membrane that floats on the surface of near-shore ocean sites or reservoirs.

4. Solar Norway AS avd Grenseveien Oslo

Grenseveien 71, 0663 Oslo, Norway

We strengthen our focus on value creation outside our business model. And we are expanding the business where it gives us the best synergy effect.

We develop by reducing complexity and strengthening our knowledge
We strengthen our departments within sourcing and supply chain. We maintain and strengthen our e-business and utilize common platforms (systems, processes).

We understand our role and ability to create value for each individual customer. We strengthen our ability to differentiate our offers in accordance with our customers’ needs. We have an open mind for new business opportunities.

5. Differ Group

Tordenskiolds gate 6, 0160 Oslo, Norway

The energy future is more renewable, more distributed and more off-grid.

Distributed, sustainable energy is key to meeting development and climate goals in time.

Differ drives technological advancements within renewable energy,

energy storage and energy efficiency.

Differ supports governments, NGOs and companies to scale

sustainable energy solutions beyond the grid in emerging markets.

6. Scatec

Askekroken 11, 0277 Oslo, Norway

We develop, build, own, operate and maintain power plants across emerging markets.We are committed to provide all shareholders and potential investors with relevant financial information in a consistent and transparent manner. Here you will find relevant information about Scatec.

7. Norsk Solar AS

Løkkeveien 107, 4007 Stavanger, Norway

Established in the energy capital of Norway.
Norsk Solar builds solar projects in emerging markets maximizing our impact on sustainability and economic growth.

8. Power Controls AS

Bjørnåsveien 5, 1596 Moss, Norway

We at Power Controls do not just sit in the office and sell “boxes”. Throughout the year, we are on assignment in the field, both for professional customers and cabin customers. This gives us valuable experience that we bring back to the drawing board, when we develop and dimension power systems for cabins. This gives you confidence that you are not just buying products, but finished systems, which have been proven and which actually work in practice.

Below you can see a film about how we work in the field. Remember to choose quality “HD”.

9. Viken Sol AS

Prestebråtan 2, 3300 Hokksund, Norway

Solar energy is everywhere. It is clean, easily accessible and profitable. And with the lifespan of modern photovoltaic systems of over 30 years, you can get a power plant that will be able to produce energy completely for free for many years after the plant is repaid.  Viken Sol delivers pre-assembled photovoltaic systems for private homes, commercial buildings and cabins. We also supply some components – solar panels, all types of inverters, lithium batteries and mounting solutions. By ordering your facility at Viken Sol, you will save time and money.

10. Catch Solar Energy


Catch Solar offers solar heating systems that can be adapted to the customer’s needs and integrated into the building’s architectural design. Our customers are homeowners, owners of commercial property, agricultural property or managers of public buildings. We take responsibility for total engineering or collaborate with reputable players on subcontracts.