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Key Features of Split Solar Water Heater system

Here are some of the main features of solar water heater system that you need to know:

-The tank is located inside the building for better heat management. This is true based on the fact that there is minimal interference from external factors such as weather when the tank is inside a building.

– solar water heater system can be used together with electric and gas water heater. In most cases, it works as a backup plan for conventional hot water systems.

-The water tank and the pressurized solar water heater for the system exist as separate entities. This is to allow the system to be split as it is supposed to be under any given circumstance.

-The storage tank that is inside the building is capable of heating the water instantly.

-Some split solar water heaters have electric backup systems that ensure the supply of hot water is constant even when there is minimal solar radiation. These electric-boosted systems have internal tank elements to achieve this goal.

-The collector of this solar water heater system can be installed on the rooftop, wall, or the balcony. It all depends on where it will be convenient and where you think it will perform t to the optimum level.

-The collectors are designed to have a hot start fast to eliminate the risk of leakage during the pumping and operation.

solar water heater system technical specifications

Hen buying a split solar system in China, there are several technical specifications that you need to know. They include:

-Volume or capacity- These solar heaters come in different capacities. Most of them range from 80L to 300L.

-Solar controller kit

-Electric boost heating type and supply voltage

-Supply pressure

-Collector heating area

-Collector weight.

Advantages of Split Solar Water Heating System

Should I buy a split solar water heater system in China? You are likely to ask yourself this question especially if you are not sure of the gains that you will get from this hot water heater.

To help you make this decision, here are some of the benefits of a split solar water heater.

Energy saving

Split solar water heaters have an excellent energy-saving property. The fact that they use solar energy means that you will not spend lots of money on electricity, unlike conventional water heating systems.

Easy to handle

These solar water heaters feature a sleek design that not only looks good but is also easy to handle and install.

Since all the components exist as separate entities, you can easily spot the position of each component during the installation and know what to do with it.

However, you should consider letting a solar heater expert in case you are not sure about how to handle this solar heating system.

The sleek design also ensures that the solar water heater will have a minimum negative visual impact on your building.


How long does a split solar water heater last? As long as you have bought a quality water heater, you can be sure of getting a long service life from the heating system.


Most split solar heater components are made of quality materials that will serve their purposes effectively without depreciating.

Can be used with other types of water heaters

A split solar water heater will give you an option to use other types of water heaters. You can also use an electric water heater and a gas-powered water heater.


Such a combination ensures that the system is fully reliable when it comes to supplying heated water. You can get hot water whenever you want even when there is minimal solar radiation due to bad weather or when there is a thick cloud cover.



Solar energy is among the most popular green energy. This simply means that it has a negative impact on the environment.

This is unlike most conventional water heaters such as gas water heating systems which are known for causing environmental degradation.



Split solar System Manufacturer in China


Wondering about where to buy the best split solar water heater? The most profound way is to find a reliable split solar water heater manufacturer in China.


Apart from the quality, you are also bound to buy an affordable split water heater. There is no doubt that the split solar system price in China is very reasonable as compared to other places.

Check the credibility of the manufacturer before buying it. You can even buy split solar water in China online thanks to technological advancement.


I hope that this guide has enriched your knowledge-base with regards to split solar water heater. What remains is you to take that bold space and install the heater on your premises.

In case you want some clarification, don’t hesitate to consult experts in this field.


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Solar water heater kit are available from 100-1000L sizes and have a number of options depending on the local market requirements.

ModelCollector QuantityTank CapacityTank CoilsWorking StationExpansion TankAvailable Persons*
ECO-P-1010 tubes * 1PC100 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S5 L1 ~ 2
ECO-P-1515 tubes * 1PC150 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S5 L2 ~ 3
ECO-P-2020 tubes * 1PC200 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S5 L3 ~ 4
ECO-P-2525 tubes * 1PC250 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S8 L4 ~ 5
30 tubes * 1PC
300 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S8 L5 ~ 6
ECO-P-40   20 tubes * 2PCS400 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S12 L6 ~ 7
ECO-P-50   25 tubes * 2PCS500 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S18 L7 ~ 8
ECO-P-100   25 tubes * 4PCS1000 L0 or 1 or 2SR961S25 L12 ~15
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