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Name:Buffer Tank

We manufacture solar hot water tank, we have different model for your choice. If you need a hot water buffer tank, contact us for detail.

Separated Porcelain solar hot Water storage Tank Dimension and Technical Date:
Product model100L200L300L500L
Inner vessel diameter(mm)φ368φ438φ542φ613
Water tank dimension(mm)φ450φ520φ620φ710
Material and thickness of the inner vesselBTC340R 1.8BTC340R 2.0BTC340R 2.0BTC340R 2.5
Material and thickness of the shellgalvanized sheet 0.5mmgalvanized sheet 0.5mmgalvanized sheet 0.5mmgalvanized sheet 0.5mm
Insulation thickness(mm)40404050
Insulation materialpolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethane
Installation size of water pipeG3/4”G3/4”G3/4”G3/4”
Rated heating power2.0KW2.0KW2.0KW3.0KW
Overall dimension (references)(mm)φ450×1105φ520×1530φ620×1530φ710×1755
Packing case size(mm)480×480× 1200550×550×1625?655×655×1625740×740×1800
Note: 1.Rated heating power demand-size depends on the request of the customer;

2.The interior coil of the solar water tank according to the request of the customer.


Features for porcelain enamel water tank

1.Rust-free and scale resistance:the special silicide coated on the porcelain enamel inner vessel can separate water from steel plate,so it is featured with rust-free,high strengh,and resistance to corrosion by chlorine ion.

2. New technology and new material:a special silicide is coated on the inner vessel by newest german process,after baked at 900℃,it is melted and integrated with the steel wall of inner vessel,thus the porcelain enamel inner vessel with extra protective function is made.

3. No seaming and leakage: porcelain enamel inner vessel is formed by integral drawing from special type thickness material,so the service life is longer.

4. Thickness high-density enviroment-friendly polyurethane thermal insulation layer gives excellent thermal insulation effect.

5. When the water pressure is too high,the safetyvalve will overflow automatically,release the pressure,and discharge the dirt in the water heater,so the function of directional overpressure dirt blowdown is realized.

6. When the inner pressure is too high,the safety pressure release valve works automatically,making you double reassured during use.

7. The temperature controller imported from france can heat or cut off the power automatically,meanwhile,it can work simultaneously at two poles.

8. Whenelectric leakage is over 10ma,the leakage protection switch with unique design will automatically cut off the power within 0.1second,so it is absolutely safe.

9. The high quality anode magnesium rod can soften the water and lengthen the service life of inner addition,it decomposes the furring and safeguards your skin.

10. The inner coil pipe can be replaced when required. 

Technical data for Porcelain enamel water tank

  1. The place of installing the water heater must be closed to the place of using, the temperature / pressure relief valve, the machine of controlling temperature and electric heat pipe must be faced the direction of easy to maintain. The data plate should be easy to read, and the space above the water heater should be over the height of the water heater so as to check and change the positive pole protector.
  2. The space around the water heater should be convenient when pulling down the whole water heater to maintain or change the parts in case of necessity.
  3. The water heater, with three-dimensional type, must be installed in the level that can bear the weight of the product.
  4. Power socket must be installed in the position that the water can’t spray, so as not to produce vapor when taking a shower, and make the socket leak electricity.
  5. When heating, there is little water which discharge from the overflow outlet of the temperature/pressure relief valve. This is the normal phenomenon, and you should join a water pipe, the other end of water pipe causes to the safe place of discharging the water, so as not to scald.
  6. The overflow outlet should be kept communicating with the atmosphere and down.
  7. The Joining Of Pipeline:1).The joining of cold water pipe: The cold water outlet is closed to the bottom of the power covering, and the connect is G1/2”. Connecting the one-way safe blowdown valve first with the water heater, then join the globe valve and connect with the running water pipe. Notice: When the pressure in the water heater reaches its degree, the one-way safe blowdown valve can unload the pressure to the running water pipe automatically. 2).The joining of hot water pipe: The hot water outlet is on the top of the water heater, and the connect is G1/2”. Connecting one globe valve in the outlet pipe of the hot water, and then cause to the place which support hot water with the pipe. 3). The installing of temperature/ pressure relief valve: Twine the whorl well with the airproof strip, but it can’t over the whorl terminal surface, then fasten temperature / pressure relief valve in the setting let, pay attention to put the overflow outlet down so that the water can’t flow out.
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