Explanation of split Solar heating kit system

1).The Combination of System and Working Way The system of villa heating supply system is made up of split system solar heat collectors, pressure withstanding  water tank, heat collecting circulation line and controlling system. Circulation pump is started by temperature controller according to the temperature of solar collector, cycle pump makes heat transmission medium carry out passive heat exchange between water storage tank and heat exchange, in this way, the temperature of the water in the storage tank is gradually raised.

solar hot water collector

Split Solar heating Kit System install collector on roof

split solar heating kit

Tank and controller system at home

 2).The split solar heating kit advantages:

1. Super conducting vacuum heat-collecting tube . 
Blue diamond, full pressure withstanding porcelain enamel internal water tank 
The division of heat collecting device and water storage tank makes the adoption of hanging type, slope carrying type, sky light type, possible, which is in harmony with building structure. 
The free combined modular design can satisfy the household needs of water-using in large quantity .
Because of the adoption of intelligent control technology, it can be run full automatically .
The design of water tank can molten into the room decoration. 
Being run withstanding pressure, it can be used freely at any time 
Being adapted double-loop design, the loop for heat collection can not be scaled forever. Its life is long.

Active Closed Loop Split Solar Heating Kit Systems: 
Closed Loop Solar Heating Systems are suitable for single and multiple solar heating application systems, e.g. domestic solar water heating, solar water heating hot tub, solar swimming pool heating or solar space heating systems.The Closed Loop Solar Systems are suitable for areas with questionable water quality and all climate conditions.The Closed Loop Solar Heating Systems are the preferred option for extremely cold areas.

solar split hot water system installation with two exchangers

split solar heating kit system installation with two exchangers

The controller will switch on the pump when the temperature at the collector sensor TC is higher than the return temperature TR by at least the pre selected (delta T) amount.
The pump circulates a heat transfer liquid around the loop.
Heat from the collector is transferred to the domestic water through the heat exchange coil in the tank.
With the pump running, if delta T is not met, the pump will switch odd.
When a present tank temperature is reached at Tmax, the controller switches off the pump.