Solar Hot Water heater

solar hot water heater

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How is Solar hot Water heater Different from Traditional Water Heaters?

Before you install solar hot water heater, probably there are methods that you are using to heat the water.

The most common  method is by using the conventional electricity which is connected  to the power grid.

You will then be required to pay  for the energy that you have used at your home or in the factory.

The situation is very different when using solar water heater.

Instead of depending on the connection to the national grid, here  you will operate independently.

The solar hot water heaters collect the energy directly from the sun and use it to heat up your water.

Once installed, you will not have to deal with the regular energy bills from your energy provider.

This means that you will  enjoy the ultimate freedom to heat water without any worries. You will no longer depending on the national grid for your hot water needs.

Also, the fact that solar water heater is not connected to the grid means you are fully in control of it. You can choose to optimize its performance depending on your needs.

solar hot water heater for home use

What if you were using diesel-powered generators to heat your water? You will definitely experience the difference.

First of all, you will no longer deal with the noise that is coming from the generator. Of course this is addition to the cost- effectiveness of solar heating systems.

Is Solar hot Water Heater Worth It?

Maybe you are not sure whether you should invest of solar water heater or not. Are there benefits of solar water heater or will you end up regretting about this investment?

The truth of the mater is there are  several advantages of solar water heater. Here are some of them;

-Cost-effective: Solar energy is freely available for use. You will not spend any money to pay for the heating energy that you will be using from these systems.

You will only incur the cost of solar water heater installation. After that, you may pay some small fees for the maintenance of the system per year.

-Save on space: Solar water heating systems require  a very small space. You only need to find a small area on your roof to install a solar heating unit.

-Green energy; Solar water  heaters do not pollute environment when in operation. In addition to the fact that they don’t release toxic fumes, solar heaters  operate silently without making any noise.

-Efficient water heaters: You can fully rely on solar water heaters for your domestic and industrial water heating needs. It is estimated that the solar heaters can convert 80% of solar energy into heat.

-Renewable energy incentives: For some places, you can  get renewable energy incentives when you install solar water heaters.

-Easy to use; Av solar water heater design is not complicated n any way. You don’t need any training to use the heater. You can start to use it immediately after it has been installed.

Disadvantages of Solar hot water heaters

Despite being an excellent water heating solution, solar water heaters also come with some disadvantages. One of the  problems is they can only be used for heating water.

Also, solar water heaters need to be maintained annually so that they can perform to the optimum levels.

So, is solar water heater worth it? He answer is Yes. From the advantages and advantages of solar water heater, it is clear that you stand to gain more than lose from this water heating system.

rooftop solar water heater

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar hot Water Heater

Looking for the best solar water heater? Then you don’t need to hurry. There are several factors that you need to consider before you make the final decision.

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing solar water heaters:

-The capacity of the solar hot water heater

How many liters/gallons of hot water do you need? This is the first thing that you need to look at when buying any hot water heating system.

Will you be satisfied with the 100-gallon solar water heater or a 500 gallons water heater?

The capacity of any solar hot water heater will fully depend on your demand. The higher the demand for hot water, the larger the capacity, and the reverse is true.

-Type of solar water heater

As you have seen I have highlighted different types of solar water heaters and what you stand to gain from each type.

Which type of solar heater do you think will be suitable for your application?

Whether you want a flat plate vs evacuated tube solar water heater, state your intentions in time.

You should consider your location before choosing any type of solar water heater. Some types of solar water heaters can work in certain areas and not others.


You don’t want a solar water heater that will keep breaking down every now and then. It should serve you for a long time.

Take your time to inquire about the durability of the heater before you finally buy it.

-The cost of solar water heater

It is impossible to ignore the price factor when it comes to buying such a major installation.

What is the price of a solar water heater?

Solar water heating systems come with  different price tags. Your  budget will determine which solar water heater kit to buy.

The surest way  of resolving the pricing issue is by directly contacting the best solar water heater manufacturers.

-Solar water heater manufacturer

Where you buy solar water heater matters. Some manufacturers of solar water heaters are known for producing quality heating systems while the story is different for others.

Take your time to get all the necessary details about any particular solar water heater company. Determine whether they are he right sellers or not.

What are the Most Preferred Brands of Solar water Heaters?

As we have said the solar water heater company where you buy from matters. Here are some of the most popular solar water heater brands where you can buy from;

Duda Diesel

Duda Diesel is known for manufacturing bot domestic and  commercial solar water heating systems.

The company has quite a good number of positive reviews from its customer. This is one of the poofs that they are a trusted brand.

Suneco  Green Energy

Suneco is the leading manufacturer of solar water heater in China. The company has  maintained this position for years thanks to the quality of solar water heaters that it produces.

Suneco is also known for selling the most affordable solar water heaters in China.

Sunbath Solar

Sunbath is a popular company that is known for a wide range of heating solutions. Apart from the solar water heater, the company also manufactures collectors, and heat pumps.


SunEarth has a wide range of solar heating solutions. It supplies flat plate solar thermal collectors that can be used for residential and commercial needs.


Before choosing any solar water heater manufacturer, check their credentials. Do they have what it takes to deliver the best water heating solutions?

You can also compare the solar water hater reviews on the internet so as to know what you should expect from these products.

With the immense benefits that await you, what else do you need? Take that bold step to buy the best solar-powered water heaters.


Main Component Specifications
                                                           Materials & Specifications
Evacuated Tubes
Material: Borosilicate 3.3
Tube style: Twin wall all glass
Dimensions: ∅58mm outer tube; ∅47mm inner tube;  1.8m length, 1.65mm outer tube wall thickness
Solar Absorber Coating
Material: Graded AL/N on AL
Absorptance: >92% (AM1.5);
Emittance: <8% (80 C)
Vacuum: P<5×10-5 Pa;
Heat loss: <0.8W/(m2 C)
Water Tank
Outer Tank: Φ470mm, Stainless Steel 304-BA or 201-BA or Color Steel , 0.4mm thickness
Inner Tank: Φ360mm, Stainless Steel 304-2B or 316L, 0.4mm thickness
Insulation Layer: 55mm thickness, High density Polyurethane Foam from Germany
Operating temperature: 55-95 C
Lowest Startup temperature: 0 C
Rubber Components
Material: HTV Silicone Rubber (UV stabilized)
Mounting Frame
Material: Stainless Steel 304-BA or 201-BA or Aluminum alloy or Galvanised Steel
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