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Solar water heating has proven to be an ultimate solution to many people in  Sweden. Most people have resorted to buying the best solar water heaters. These heating systems are being used for both domestic and commercial purposes in  Sweden.

To cater with the demand of the heaters, a number of solar water heater manufacturers have established their roots in Sweden. This is in addition to the suppliers of the same water heating systems.

Here is a list of the top solar water heater manufacturers and suppliers in  Sweden.


1. Solar Sweden AB

Västberga gårdsväg 36, 126 30 Hägersten, Sweden

For us at Solar, you as a customer are most important and we are always on your side. We offer modern and flexible solutions to help you optimize your everyday life. With us, you have everything you need under one roof and we help you with business-adapted services and products. You can count on us in all situations, regardless of whether you operate in the plumbing and electrical installation or other industries.

2. Soltech Energy Sweden AB

Tegnérgatan 1, Våning 4, 111 40 Stockholm, Sweden

Feel confident that Soltech’s knowledgeable advisers and skilled installers will help you find the right solar cell for your conditions. As a complete supplier, we also take care of optimization and control of your solar solution – all to maximize the value of the investment over time.

3.Nordic Solar Sweden AB

Ståltorpsvängen 10, 672 41 Töcksfors, Sweden

Here you can follow the electricity production from the photovoltaic system at our office and warehouse in Töcksfors. The system consists of approximately 11kWp solar cells mounted on Soltop tripods in east / west direction, and 1 SMA STP10000TL-20 inverter. The facility is registered on Sunnyportal.com, which is SMA’s visualization page, where all owners of SMA inverters can register and follow their own facility free of charge, as well as see production history.

4. Solar Supply Sweden AB

Meyers plan 5, 374 33 Karlshamn, Sweden

Through our close partnership with some of the world’s most reputable suppliers, we offer and deliver a wide range of high-quality products, services and innovative solutions.

We continuously monitor the global and domestic markets. We do this to always be at the forefront and be able to offer you – as our partner in the Swedish market – the right products, services and technology. With high demands and continuous visits to our suppliers, we ensure that the suppliers meet the industry’s quality and environmental requirements. We only work with specially selected partners, where some can offer products with extra low environmental impact. All to maximally contribute to the sustainable society.

5. Save-by-Solar Sweden AB

Vasatorpsvägen 1, 254 57 Helsingborg, Sweden

6. Absolicon Solar Collector AB

Fiskaregatan 11, 871 33 Härnösand, Sweden

We provide solar collectors designed to run industrial processes with temperatures up to 160°C.

Absolicon T160 Solar collector supply heat and steam to a wide spectrum of processes and industrial segments and can be integrated to existing heating system at multiple integration points.

7. Sunnytek Solar Sweden AB

Glimmervägen 8, 187 34 Täby, Sweden

Our solar panels . The entire program with links to all product sheets.

To the left one of our solar brick solutions that are available in different designs. To the right 4 KW CIGS panels we installed in Järna in the autumn of 2019

Traditional solar panels with aluminum frame  Multi or monocrystalline. Power range 3W to 250W. Sunnytek has a complete range of solar panels and accessories for different types of roofs.  Thin film panels with excellent properties in cloudy weather that fits well in Sweden. Available in stable glass designs or as a flexible panels and these panels have better performance than silicon panels especially in less good weather.

8. Egen Energi Sweden AB solceller/solenergi

Sjödahlsvägen 18, 244 36 Kävlinge, Sweden

We at Egen Energi love the sun and are convinced that the sun will be an obvious part of our future, more independent, energy supply.

It’s just as cool and impressive every time you start up a new plant that immediately starts producing several thousand watts. It does not sound, does not smoke, does not get hot and is in other words quite undramatic, but not impressive enough when you know that the system will deliver green renewable energy for probably thirty years or more. This is a feeling that we wish more people will experience.

We strive to give you the best possible advice in the hope of being your obvious choice. Yes, we also in some cases advise against investing in solar energy, maybe this is what makes us unique? The right system-The right Price-Local supplier .

9. Svea Solar

Bergkällavägen 35, 192 79 Sollentuna, Sweden

We are one of Europe’s largest installers of solar cells with local offices in Sweden, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

Svea Solar was founded in a studio in Solna in 2014. From the very beginning, the goal was to make renewable energy a simple and affordable choice, an investment that solves both economic issues and the climate issue. In other words, we are the energy company of the future.

10. GermanSolar Sweden AB

Östra Storgatan 36, 282 75 Hästveda, Sweden

After many fantastic and challenging years with GermanSolar Sweden AB, we are taking a big step towards the future, where we will of course be your committed and knowledgeable solar cell wholesaler and partner. Our employees, our skills and our expertise are the same, but now we carry a new name and a new suit – Zenitec.

The name Zenitec is of course derived from the word zenite, ie “when the sun is at its highest” or “when something works best”, as well as the word technology, which is connected with our passion for future technological innovations. We look forward to a bright future with you!