solar working station

solar pool heating system

Suneco Solar Working Station can be used for different applications.

Solar working station is suitable for Split and Pressure system, which set the flow control, heat cycle, the exhaust, pressure control, temperature display, the transfer liquid injection / discharge ,etc, Such multi-functional in one compact package of components.  It is easy-to-use and easy to install, its material and operating characteristics to take into account long time of collector in high temperature and other characteristics of the system.

How can I improve the performance of my solar water heater? This is a question that you are likely to ask yourself after using the solar-powered heating for months or even years. Using a solar working station can help you make your solar heating system intelligent.

Like any other home appliance or machinery, it is always your desire to get the best out of a solar water heating system.

For one reason or another, this may not always be the case. So, it will be necessary that you look for ways to boost solar water heater performance. This is what this guide is all about.

solar working station

Are solar water heaters efficient?

How efficient is a solar hot water system? Hen it comes to maximizing the performance of a solar hot water system, you cannot ignore the issue of the solar collector efficiency.

The efficiency basically refers to the overall performance of the heater when it comes to heating the water.

How long does it take to heat water?

With the ability to utilize 70% percent of the energy from the sun, there is no doubt that solar water heater is highly efficient.

It is capable of heating water that you will need for your daily domestic and even industrial use.

Solar water heaters have collectors or screens that are designed to absorb maximum solar radiation during the day. This heat is then used for heating water continuously.

In other words, we are simply saying that you can fully rely on solar water. The presence of a storage tank means that you can get hot water any time that you want without any problem.

Since there are different types of solar hot water systems, it is important to note that they differ in terms of performance. Some types of heaters perform better than others.

For example, an evacuated tube solar water heater is generally more efficient that the plate collector solar water heater.

It can heat water even during cloudy days. Flat plate collector, on the other hand, offers a cheaper water heating solution.

Due to the performance issue, I can confidently state that a solar water heating system can fully replace most traditional water heating solutions. You can use this heater in place of your electric-powered water heater.

Still, it will be better if a solar hot water heating system acts as a backup for the convention water heaters.

solar working station diagram

Ensure that the collector is properly aligned on the roof so as to improve the collector efficiency. The more efficient it is the better it will perform.

You should also ensure that the collector is not surrounded by different types of obstructions such as buildings and trees. This will ensure that it absorbs solar radiation throughout the day.

TECHNICAL  DATA of solar working station:

Dimension:  420mm*280mm*155mm
Power  supply:200V-240V  AC  or  100V-130V  AC50-60Hz.  .
Power  consumption:  < 3W
Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 2oC
Range of collector temperature measuring: -10oC ~200oC
Range of tank temperature measuring: 0oC ~100oC
Suitable power of pump: 2 pumps possible to be connected power of each pump < 200W .
Suitable power electrical heating:1 relay for 1500W(1500w-4000w must be use SR802)
Inputs: 5sensors
1pcs*Pt1000 sensor (≤500oC) for collector (silicon cable≤280oC)
4pcs*NTC10K B3950 sensor (≤ 135oC) for tank (PVC cable ≤105oC)
Outputs:3 relays for circulation pumps or 3-way electromagnetic valve
Ambient temperature:-10oC ~ 50oC.
Water proof grade: IP42.

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