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solar project water heating

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Solar Water Heater collecting heating solar project characters:

More Suitable
Choose suitable collector heaters according to different latitude.
Adequate for Most Occasions
From a family to a factory, from tens, hundreds to thousands, you may choose our products. It is widely used in a hotel, school, army or factory.
More Automatic
Automatic supplying water, electric heat, recycling and protection.
Revote only once, benefit forever.
Environment and saving
No harm, no pollution, economical and clean.

solar heating project for apartment


Brief Introduction of Central Controlled Hot Water System
solar project

The solar central hot water system consists of collector heater, tank of keeping warm, controlled system and tank, recycling pump and fittings and so on. It changes solar energy into heat energy by collector heater, and changes cold water into hot water, and it can supply water automatically according to controlled tank and realize followings by adjusting controlled system:

Difference in temperature recycling – raise heat efficiency.
Pipe recycling – supply hot water once opening.
Electric heater – supply hot water at constant temperature all day and all night.
Equipment of preventing from freezing – work well in winter.

The whole solar project system works automatically, safely and handy, and it may be fixed freely. In the tank of keeping warm, there is electric heater, so it can meet the customers’ need even in cloudy day or in winter; computerized controller makes sure that it can supply hot water all day and all night.

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Large Hot Water Supply solar Project:

To connect a few sets or even dozens of automatic solar heaters attached with auxiliary water tanks. No extra cares needed for the operation of the system, and the hot water is available anytime in 24 hours of a day. The system can work normally even when the temperature is 20 degrees below zero. It is suitable for middle and small-sized hotels and bathhouses.

With the more serious environment pollution, the government lays down a series of restriction policies in accordance with every city because of the traditional boilers* high energy consumption and many emissions polluting environment. Even more, some cities have been seriously forbidden using the boilers. However, so many collective bathrooms, hostels, mid and small hotels, enterprises and institutions need heating water to bathe.

The solar concentrative heat water supply system engineering is safe, economic, no-pollution, automatically controlling, which using the sun as the main source of power .Its lifetime may be 15 years and has noticeable benefit of economic, environment, society. Now, it has been used in many companies in some cities.


solar water heating for building

Compositions and Basic Functions of Large-scale solar project System Solar Water Heaters

Large-scale solar project system is composed of collector heaters, tank, auxiliary heating system, computerized controller and pipe cycling. By using controlling parts and auxiliary heating equipment, we may meet the customer need that they want to use timely water all day and all night, fixed quantity or constant temperature. Equipment with some measure to make customer use it safely, such as dust-proof, preventing freezing, electric, wind, thunder proof and so on.

Large-scale solar collecting system is a fast heating direct system that can work at low pressure. Combined with regular resource and supplies hot water all day and all night. Only if we make some simple maintenance, can the system work automatically and there is no need to operate by hand.

Large-scale solar collecting system uses new controlling measures and computerized controller, so it is reliable and convenient to use. Also combined with supplying fixed water temperature, cycling heating, antifreeze controlling and auxiliary heating, it can work automatically.

1. Supply water at fixed temperature: When the water level in tank is lower than fixed one, such system begins to work. As the water temperature in collector heater reaches fixed one, the controlling system operated corresponding parts automatically depending on water pressure to supply cold water into collector heater, and pusher hot water in collector heater into tank, when the water temperature in collector heater is lower than fixed one, controlling system will close automatically and stop supplying cold water. Then it begins to collect heat again.

2. Cycling heat: When temperature or time meets some conditions, we may start such system automatically, and cycling starts between large scale collecting system and tank, then raises the water temperature in tank.

3. Antifreeze controlling: When water temperature at bottom of collecting heat system reaches fixed temperature, controlling system starts corresponding parts or operates antifreeze cycling in pipes, so the water keeps certain temperature when water temperature is higher than corresponding fixed temperature, the system will close corresponding controlling parts.

4. Auxiliary heating: we get the supplement of auxiliary resource by using regular resource (oil, gas and electricity), the concrete measure is the same as regular resource.

solar hot water system for hotel

Project Service

Necessary conditions once system is equipped

1. There is a place, which has suitable area and can get enough sunshine.
2. Such place must meet some loading conditions. (Average loading is 200kg/square meter)
3. Heating tank must have special tank place or equipping basis, which has some loading ability.
4. System pressure is ordinary, water pressure on roof is not lower than 0.1Mpa (1kg/square centimeter)
5. In order to get hot water at any time, we suggest you’d better combine with regular resource, such as oil fire, gas fire or electric fine.

When the sunlight is not enough, we may use auxiliary heating system, controlling parts start auxiliary heating equipment automatically to raise the water temperature in tank when the temperature is lower than fixed temperature at fixed time. When water temperature arrives at fixed temperature, it will stop heating automatically.

Also such solar project has the lowest water level, so it may ensure not to dry burning or avoid stopping supplying water at busiest time. Such two equipments can ensure heating system to supply lasting constant water (Thinking about the power when using electricity or the safety protection steps when using oil and gas).

Regular Maintenance

It is important to keep up with maintenance so that we can use such system safely and longer. Though the large-scale collecting heat system works steadily, we should not neglect repairing.

Regular Maintenance Items

1. You must often check and make record, so that you may supply examined data.
2. You must do some regular cleaning according to your own surroundings so you get the best heating effect.
3. You must wipe off the scale in system regularly by way of your own water quality and system.
4. You must make anti-rust repair of steel construction in system according to your own natural conditions.
5. You must check the pipe routine’s insulating layer in system before winter.
6. You have to change leakage of oil or destroyed evacuated collector heaters on time.

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